Google vs D’apps and the future of advertising. Part 1

How is this going to happen and what will be the implications you might ask, let me explain.

So let’s first adres the how.
One of the company’s that is making real progress on this level is MetaMask and they are growing at a rapid pace.
Currently they have over 5 million active users every month and are growing very fast. MetaMask is a crypto wallet and gateway that gives users a secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications.

So what does this has to do with Google and advertising??

Imagine a world where you’r in control of your data and what you share with advertisers. And then imagine you are getting payed for every ad you see online instead of Google, directly in your connected crypto wallet without doing anything for it. Right there the middleman(Google) is cut out of the equation and the revolution is real.



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