Conditions apply

Egbert Wietses
2 min readMar 4, 2021


In a discussion when on lunch break with my colleagues we discussed the wonderful world of conditions and how blockchain technology is a much needed revolution.


When a company sells you an insurance it also sells you the conditions that are tight to this particular insurance. You know those 20 pages of small font with every possible way out the insurance company could think of to not pay anything?

Anyways companies are obligated to register what condition applied when an insurance was sold to a customer. Sometimes an insurance is sold over a long period and the company wants to change the conditions but it cannot do that for already existing customers.
Keeping track of which customer was sold what insurance with conditions that applied at that time is an administrative pain.
So much so that when blockchain came along big insurance companies came together to try to use blockchain to solve it.


When further discussing this topic someone pointed out that people are still in prison for crimes that are no longer illegal. In some states in the US using Marihuana became legal but still people are in prison for it. That blew my mind.

The conditions for going to prison changed but whoever was convicted at the time that it was illegal still sits in prison in some cases.

This is still the case to this day and of course you could say if someone broke the law and new full well that he was breaking the law jail is still valid.

And again one colleague upped the ante.

Heaven and hell

What are the conditions for going to heaven or hell someone asked and maybe we should track those on the blockchain as they have been clearly changing over time. From our limited perspective…

So maybe Pope Francis could use the blockchain so that we know what conditions apply when we travel to the gate of Heaven and hell.

POPE coin?

Personally i am a christian technology enthousiast.